Miracle Field

Alan Gregory is pleased to have donated his services to overseeing the construction of the Miracle Field in Wilmington, NC, a specialized custom sports field with amenities designed to be fully accessible to visitors with special needs and mobility issues. Built with specialized rubber turf, the Miracle Field levels the playing ground for all participants, allowing both children and adults from all walks of life to enjoy the power of play without boundaries.

You can find out more about the Miracle Field and the Miracle League of Wilmington by clicking here.

Accessible Hunting Amenities

For hunters with mobility issues, Alan Gregory has worked with North Carolina Sportsmen Inc. to build handicap-accessible deer blinds at Camp Kirkwood in Pender County. These accessible facilities allow hunters with wheelchairs, braces, and anything else that might limit their abilities to be able to get out and do what they love.

Hunters with illnesses such as cancer, disabling injuries, and soldiers from Wounded Warrior have all come together to benefit from the work done at Camp Kirkwood. For more information visit the North Carolina Handicapped Sportsmen, Inc.’s website.

Honor Flights

It took 60 years after World War II ended for a memorial to be built in Washington DC. Many of the war’s veterans have never seen it and their population is getting older by the day. Honor Flights were organized to enable those proud vets the ability to travel to DC to visit the memorial. The trip is a chance in a lifetime for veterans to share a day with other veterans, trade stories and finally see the memorial built in their honor. Many also are getting the welcome-home celebrations they never received.

Honor Flights would not be possible if it were not for volunteers who give their time and finances to accompany the veterans. Alan Gregory is proud to have volunteered on four Honor Flights. His dedication to the greatest generation is evident in his giving back.

Hoggard Track Coach

Whether new construction or a remodel, Alan Gregory is committed to making sure your home or commercial building is done right. That commitment carries over in his family also. Alan has always been an active part of his children’s lives. In fact you can see him most spring afternoons in the log jump pits at Hoggard High School. Alan’s children are talented athletes and he gives his time to make sure others have the same advantages they do.